Shadow of the Beast II in 13:39.06 – I Said “Never Again”

I really had no intention of playing the Sega CD version again, unless I lost the world record, of course – but, unfortunately, my previous run was very choppy and my laptop seems to be having issues streaming Sega CD games – everything else in Fusion, fine – everything in Steam, fine, Sega CD – overloaded encoder in OBS. As such, I’ve dropped my stream resolution to 720p and this seems to have sorted the problems – but, whilst trying to get a nice quality recording, I’ve managed to cut off a decent chunk of time.

There’s definitely more scope to save time – you only need 10 coins / 2 chests, so you could definitely optimise how you get them – I went for the one in Ishran’s guardhouse and Barloom’s lair… it would be quicker to grab the coins from the drunk in the Karamoon Oasis and skip the chest in Ishran’s guardhouse – unless there’s another way to get out of prison (like there is for the Genesis). It’s just a question of *do* I want to save that extra time? I’m more inclined to have another go at Any% Genesis Ridiculous again before this… I need to get Any% Amiga out of the way before I even consider it.