Shadow of the Beast II in 08:19.56 – My Final Run For This Category

I’ve managed to shave off 37 seconds from my original world record and 2:06 from the previous world record – with that, I’m happy and am going to stop running the Any% Genesis Normal Difficulty category until someone breaks my record.

Run optimisation improved further; less damage taken prior to the Ishran fight, time shaved off in the pygmy forest, skipped the chest above the slime throwing lad with the axes. The axe twins near the end is getting better too – with a lot of health, I think it would be possible to run through these and cut another ~10 seconds.

I achieved a 8:23 in the run just before this and attempted to perform the health underflow glitch on the goblin’s spike trap but it killed me. I’m not sure if this is only possible on ridiculous difficulty, I need to test it some more. If it can be done on normal, this would provide enough health to brute force the axe twins.