Shadow of the Beast II in 08:56.10 – My First World Record

I’ve just completed my first day streaming of Shadow of the Beast II, during which I was speedrunning the Any% Genesis Normal Difficulty category and broke the world record of 10:25.00 with a 08:56.10. My run was far from perfect but it was the best run from around 20 attempts total.

This is the first time I’ve completed a run using some time saves I’ve been working on the last week including not saving the first of Barloom’s guards and skipping the leviathan.

There were a handful of mistakes including a slipup on the crane boulder and not breaking the entrance to the crystal caves on the first attempt.

With some optimisation, perfecting some of the time saves, and better hits on Zelek – I believe that a 8:50 would be possible. If someone can find some better time saves, they’d be able to get this even lower.