Getting Started With Speedrunning

Back when I was making The AltFCore Podcast, we recorded a double episode on our favourite games (episodes 2 & 3, to be precise).

During a fag break with Andy, I was discussing Shadow of the Beast II and we ended up looking for speedrun videos on YouTube. Whilst watching a video of the current world record, I said that I was confident in my ability beat it and, when I got the opportunity, I’d record myself doing so. It may have taken me 3½ years, but I’ve finally started speedrunning Shadow of the Beast II on Twitch.

I’ve tried to setup my layout as clearly as possible to ensure that my speedruns are accepted. I’ve kept the gameplay in the native aspect ratio with an upsealed resolution and I’ve added an onscreen timer and controller input to show that I’m not using TAS tools. I’m far from a competent designer, but it looks fine for what I need right now.

My intentions are to break every world record for Shadow of the Beast II – of which there are currently four on (although, two haven’t been awarded). The Atari ST and FM Towns Marty versions are not currently recognised, but there is scope down the line to suggest these for consideration.

After completing my goal, it would be nice to look at some Amiga games – Moonstone: A Hard Day’s Knight being a particularly likely candidate. Hey, now that I’ve written a guide for Camageddon, I could try and blow that wide open as well.