Insignia Mud Flaps

Having incurred some deer related damage to my car over the Christmas break, there has been an increasing list of repairs and modifications lined up that I’ve wanted to work on. Whilst I am in no position to repair a cracked bumper, I am in a position to add my own mud flaps.

The main issue I have with mud flaps is that the standard Insignia parts do not fit the VX Line side skirts that I have – straight out of the box, at least. What I want to do is adapt some aftermarket mud flaps to fit the VX Line side skirts and colour code them to match my Carbon Flash paintwork.

If it wasn’t obvious, this is not an original Vauxhall part…

Courtesy of the Vauxhall Insignia Misfits Facebook group, I took to eBay to get hold of some cheap aftermarket mud flaps. I managed to get some change out of £15 and they look and feel decent. However, the manufacturing process wasn’t the highest quality I’ve ever seen and all four flaps have a ridiculous amount of flash attached to them (flash is excess material along a molding line, typically caused by leakage in the mold).

As I need to cut the flaps to suit the VX Line side skirts and I would’ve removed the molding lines anyway (thanks to playing Warhammer 40k as a teenager), this is not an issue.

This isn’t the worst case of flash I’ve ever seen, but it’s not great.

Fortunately, a fresh Stanley blade makes extremely light work of the flash and molding lines. With approximately ten minutes of work, all four mud flaps are prepared and ready for a trial fitting.

I still need to find my colour code (located on the VIN plate of an Insignia) and cut the mud flaps down to suit.